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Career & Technology Education offers majors to all students. Having a major in one or more areas puts a student in a completer status. completer is a student with an Assigned Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code who has earned at three Carnegie units in a CTE course work leading to a career goal.



Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (Horticulture Pathways)

Agricultural Education is a program for high school and middle school students interested in pursuing careers in natural resources, environmental and agricultural careers.  Students have an opportunity to become a completer in Agriculture after passing three courses offered in this department.

Courses offered are:

  • Agriculture Science & Technology
  • Agribusiness & Marketing
  • Introduction to Horticulture
  • Nursery, Greenhouse and Garden Center Technology



Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications


People in marketing communications pathway are experts in identifying and impacting opinions on given products or services. From retail salespeople to advertising executives, they are energetic ambassadors of their client’s brands. Students have an opportunity to become a completer in Marketing Communications after passing three courses offered in this department.

Courses offered are:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Web Page Design
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Google Applications

Business, Management and Administration


People with business skills are the ones that make the deals that build profitable companies that power the global economy. A career in BMA can take an individual to the CEO’s corner office on the top floor of a skyscraper or around the world making million dollar deals. Students have an opportunity to become a completer in Business, Management and Administration after passing three courses offered in this department.


Courses offered are:

  • Accounting I
  • Business Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrated Business Applications I



Human Services/Family and Consumer Sciences

This program prepares students to shape the world around them through a range of diverse career opportunities in fields that includes early childhood education, home interior, parenting education, culinary arts, hospitality management and operations, or food science technology and nutrition. Students have an opportunity to become a completer in Human Services/Family and Consumer Sciences after passing three courses offered in this department.


Courses offered are:

  • Family Life Education I and II
  • Food and Nutrition I & II
  • Child Development I & II
  • Housing and Interior I & II


To be considered a program completer, a student must earn a minimum of three Carnegie units within a career cluster area. If the required career cluster courses in a specified program total fewer than three units of credit, a student must earn the remaining credit in additional CTEcourses to be considered a program completer. Three units are required for completer status in a career major for all students. Presently, the CTE Department at Denmark-Olar High School offers three programs: Horticulture, General Business Management, Family Life Education, and Marketing Communications.


The requirements are as follows:

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources



Agricultural, Science, and Technology

Introduction to Horticulture

Turf & Lawn Management

Landscaping Technology

Agribusiness and Marketing

Nursery, Greenhouse, & Garden Center Technology



Business, Management, and Administration

General Management


* Required Courses for Major



Accounting I*

Integrated Business Application I

International Business and Marketing

Business Law

Family and Consumer Science

Family Life Education


Child Development I

Child Development II

Family Life Education I

Family Life Education II

Food & Nutrition I

Food & Nutrition II

Housing & Interiors I

Housing & Interiors II


Marketing, Sales and Service

Marketing Communications

* Required Courses for Major



Advertising* or

Digital Media Marketing*

Web Page Design

Google Applications


Non-Discrimination Notice

Department Staff


Candace Jones

Business, Management and Administration

Daniel Scott

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources


John Green

Marketing Communications


Juanita Robinson

Human Services/Family& Consumer Sciences